Simon Hsieh Aroma Roast Coffees


4-Arts Zero Defect Coffees/Simon Hsieh Aroma Roast Coffees, founded by Simon Hsieh, a dedicated green coffee buying specialist & roasting expert.

You are guaranteed to get the quality that I myself would really enjoy with. Aroma Roast version is hand-sorted after roasting but with a fair mid-ranged price. Zero Defect version is fully hand-sorted but with a rather high price because of the defective greens removed and the labor it takes. Enjoy them!

We are not just a commercial body, but a cultural exchanger in coffee world. We do buy & sell coffees, but it’s just what it seems like. The actual thing we are doing is to make more ppl to really enjoy what’s in their cups/demitasses, free from any foundamental fear of dirty stuffs of course. Secondly we want to achieve a simple but noble goal that the aesthetic appreciation of truly rare specialty coffees should not be limited to professionals, but to everyone who is eager to find out the beauty in them. We put a huge deal of efforts for over ten years to finess our roast and green sourcing quality. We hope you can find out by just enjoying the tiny cup in front of you, which is brewed from our products. Cheers!


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